hex shank Step drill

Quick Change Step Drills

Step drill with Hex shank
The Step drill is equipped with a split-point tip that helps to increase speed and starts on contact. An innovative double-spiral flute design delivers long life and outstanding chip removal. Laser-engraved numbers helps to increase step visibility. 1/4" hex shank. Optimized for impact driver usage. Works with rotary drills. C-6.3 / E-6.3 Hex Shank for selection.
Countersink with Hex shank

Countersink with Hex shank

Countersink, V-Flute, fully CBN ground, HSS, Hex Shank
With the CBN deep-ground flutes, the cutting edges are extremely sharp, without burrs after cutting. The ideal tools for countersinking and deburring in steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals. Best results at low cutting speed. 1/4" hex shank. Optimized for impact driver usage. Works with rotary drills. C-6.3 / E-6.3 Hex Shank for selection.
Hex shank twist drill

Twist Drills with Hex shank

Hex shank drill bit
High-performance ground standard twist drill made from heavy-duty high speed steel. The fully ground twist drill has a precise concentricity. Thanks to the split point, this drill has good centering properties and requires little pressure. Hex Shank for quick changing on cordless drills. C-6.3 / E-6.3 Hex Shank for selection.
Short Machine Taps

Short Taps with Hex shank

Short Machine Taps, 1/4" hexagon shank
Efficient internal thread cutting with battery-powered screwdriver(min. 7,5 Volt). For general use
- non abrasive material up to 900 N/mm²
- unalloyed and low alloyed steel
.C-6.3 / E-6.3 Hex Shank for selection.
SGE Bits

Combined drills with Hex shank

Combined Bit Taps with 1/4" hexagon shank
Combined Bit have been designed for drilling, tapping and deburring in one operation using battery-powered screwdriver drills and electric hand drills with right-hand and left-hand rotation, but they are also suitable for thread cutting in a stationary drilling machine.
The Combined Bit is suitable for universal use in materials of medium mechanical strength, non ferrous metals and thermoplastics (up to 600 N/mm2 tensile strength). It is possible with this tool to produce through threads up to a maximum threaded depth of 1 x D. They are especially useful for mounting and small batch production. Take care that the tool and the axis of the hole are exactly aligned and use a suitable cutting oil.
C-6.3 / E-6.3 Hex Shank for selection.